Monday, January 18, 2010

I almost forgot to share! Encaustic Art Exchange

 I almost forgot to share...Around the Holidays I participated in an Encaustic Art Exchange, with members of the BEESWAXTEAM on Etsy.  We were to create and send a 6"x6" encaustic to the artist whose name we were sent.
Here I am with  Cloud Study #3 by Beth Billey of Tangled Sky Studio in Mill Valley, Ca.  She is a  neighbor geographically, because I live in Santa Rosa about 48 miles north on 101. 

 I was delighted to receive her encaustic as my secret bee exchange.  My immediate thought was how different she works from me.  I love this  piece, its subtle earthy colors, opaque yet alluringly transparent, as well as the way the clouds are collaged text, with small scratched in dots defining them. It  almost looks like a face in a dreamy sky.  

She included a   moo card in the package and it had  another one of her encaustic images on it.  It made me want to explore her website and blog and look at more of her work.  I then went an ordered some moo cards of my own to send off with my art.  They came back quickly and are wonderful

I am always struck with how there are so many ways to communicate uniquely and expressively in encaustic.  I continue to refall in love with this medium.    All and all it was a great process, and part of the process was to photograph ourselves with the piece and share....and I almost forgot...ALMOST.

I put away all my encaustic supplies which are usually always out, for the Mandala retreat day, now I need to motivate myself to set it all up again.  But then again, I am still working on my mandala, another altered journal and starting a project of transferring my mandalas to black and white line drawings, with the intention of creating a mandala coloring I've many processes to distract me from cranking up the wax for a while.  Life is Good!.

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