Friday, June 24, 2011

Sacred Circle Art - Illuminated Mandala's by Caterina Martinico & Patricia Waters

I am very pleased  to announce that  we are finally going to be able to show many of our Illuminated Mandala's in an art show here in Sonoma County.  Myself and Patricia Waters,  my co-facilitator in the Illuminated Mandala Process, will be having a show of our Mandala's at the Journey Center, in Santa Rosa, CA.  The opening will be on Friday January 8th from 5-7.  We will be showing many of our Mandala drawings through the months of July and August.    We would love for you to stop by for the opening if you are in the area.
The Journey Center Art Gallery Presents 
Sacred Circle Art 
Illuminated Mandalas by Caterina Martinico and Patricia Waters 

Caterina Martinico and Patricia Waters are both artists 
and art therapists, who have been drawing mandalas 
as part of their personal spiritual practice for many 
years. As Certified Mandala Facilitators, they share the 
powerful healing process of creating Illuminated 
Mandalas, based on the work of the late Judith Cornell, 
with people of all ages and from all walks of life. 
Learn more about Caterina Martinico and Patricia Waters and 
their work at 
Opening Reception 
Friday, July 8, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. 
Appetizers & beverages will be served. 
Free admission. 
The Journey Center 
1601 4th St. Santa Rosa 
Gallery Hours 
Mon - Fri, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
Call for evening, weekend & holiday hours. 
Show runs through August 2011. 
A mandala is an image within a circle with 
an emphasis on balance, symmetry and 
intentionality. Creating mandalas, or 
sacred circle art, is an ancient healing art 
form that has its roots in almost every 
spiritual tradition. 
In conjunction with this show, we will  be offering a half day introduction to the mandala process at the Journey Center on Saturday July 16th,  
Creating Mandala's for Renewal and Healing.  
Please contact the Journey Center for more information.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color, Color and More Color - Color Wheel Mandala Day

Well, there were a total of 8 of us, drawing in the heat of the approaching summer this past Sunday, in my studio in Santa Rosa  CA.  As the weather heated up, so did the vibrancy of color that emerged in everyone's mandalas.

In the beginning stages of creating mandala's, drawing with white prismacolor pencils on the black paper, using the scale of light to illuminate the essence of the image, 
out from the dark ground of the paper.  Always so, powerful!

In the afternoon, we began to add color, and our images heated up 
along with the temperature of the room.  

Often times it takes an act of bravery to add color to the already developed black and white mandala, which is always so stunning.
But it is always worth the risk, and takes everyone to a new level of engagement and satisfaction.

I love watching the image and colors emerge and how excited everyone becomes as their mandala's come to life.  Here they are in the beginning stages of emergence, as color starts to blossom.  We place them on the wall periodically, to stand back and view them, giving our eyes, hands and bodies a chance to rest from this very detailed work.
This is a small Virgin of Guadalupe mandala, that Sue, drew along side her larger one, to honor an image  that she photographed recently.
Almost complete.
Working with the color wheel is a simple yet powerful way to create a beautiful mandala, that allows spirit to come through in a striking way.
This is Patricia's mandala with all the color down, now she will develop it more fully.

This is my mandala, I didn't get too far on the day of the workshop, I was feeling under the weather, and worked slow and since the workshop was at my studio, I had the luxury of taking an extra long lunch break and a nap that day.  I will post its development in later posts.
This is Lake's mandala, also still in process, I am so drawn to the quality of energy and movement in it.  I look forward to seeing it as she puts more time into it.
Yes! So powerful and with such a wonderful sense of movement.
I love how this process, transcends peoples early art woundings, and allows people to see their creative potential.  This mandala was done by Rusty, who didn't think she could create something new. What a stunning and expressive mandala.  She left feeling renewed and ecstatic about her creative possibilities.

And lastly Sue's mandala, I love how the energy emits from the hand, radiating out in all directions. After initial hesitations about the hand, it worked out so perfectly.  

So thats it for now.  If I get images back of completed mandala's I will post them here, as well as my mandala as it progresses.  Blessings to all. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SoulCollage® Facilitator Training...whew!

So I am now a SoulCollage® Facilitator, along with all the other many hats I wear.  I am still integrating everything that occurred this past weekend.  This is such an exciting process, integrating everything I have been doing all these years into a organic, alive, syncronistic structure that allows people to play in the field of image and creativity, while diving deep and contacting their inner guidance.  

To say the readings were amazing, doesn't do the experience justice. More on that and the process later.  For now, I am going to post  images of the process participants cards  and the ones that I created during  the weekend training. 

IMAGE, IMAGINATION AND INTUITION are the guiding words in this process.

 The Circle and our cards being shared.

 As we  walked around the circle witnessing, I photographed some of the cards that participants in the training made.

People  attended from all over the world and it was fascinating to see what emerged in their imagery

Seena Frost, who is the creator of this wonderful process of SoulCollage®,  created this beautiful piece from her wedding gown and a fishing net.  Each

 Our final Ceremony, with everyone's cards forming this visual feat of an Image Mandala.

 Seena Frost, dancing opening to the group energy in the center of the circle of images.

These last images are the cards I did at the training and right before I got there.
 I Am The One Who finds grounding in creativity, who slows down and finds my center and patience in working with my hands, who sinks deep roots into the earth as I am creative.
 I Am The One Who plays in the field of fools who comes through when you spend time with your dog.
 I Am The One Who finds balance and heart in the center of the thistle, who can do this despite the fears and challenges that circle around me.
 I Am The One Who had deconstructed my old beliefs about money and abundance, who plays in the field of light and beauty as I create money and abundance through sharing creative play. Who cuts away what isn't necessary as I manifest a new way of working in the world.
  I Am The One Who peers into the wellsprings of the unconscious, pulling up the blessings and insight that live within it.
I Am The One Who gives you the energy you need to move forward in the world and do your work with others. 
I Am The One Who reminds you to be happy, be in the moment and move into the forest of the soul.
Blessings to all who read this and see these images.  Ciao. Caterina

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On this journey called life .....Just Trust Yourself

"Just trust yourself, and then you will know how to live"  Goethe

In my ongoing expressive art group a week ago, I began a mixed media collage.  Having fun with it for days afterwards, I created this  this.  I love maps, they elicit so many fantasies, and memories for me as well.  I used to spend hours drawing them as a little girl, and then pouring over them with dreams of travel as I became a young woman.  Even, now maps  continue to hold a power over me, but in a different way. They are guideposts, signs leading to inwards reveries and imaginings.  So, they often find their way into my art these days.    

There are many art therapy directives that integrate maps and mapmaking into the art process, creating maps of your inner landscape, maps of your spiritual journey, maps of your life's path, maps of your journey in  overcoming challenges.  Creating mandala's is another ancient mapmaking process,  the experience of finding your center, creating a way to orient to your own personal true  north...and of course,  just the experience of drawing a mandala is a map of the cosmos, both inner and outer.   Oh how I love maps. 

My newest fantasy is to make a series of envelopes from old maps.  We shall see if I follow through on that one. If so I will post them here eventually.   Maps are a call to the journey towards the self.   What do you do with maps?  Show me!