Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ongoing SoulCollage® journey - Imaginal healing- Preparing for surgery thru Artmaking

The next time my group met I wanted to continue with using the process of SoulCollage® to help support my preparing for surgery.    I realized that I needed an image that represented the process of healing on a deep level  These wonderful hands presented themselves to me,  and represented the hard work  that awaited me  ahead, of going from being in pain to walking without pain.     
I am the one who does the hard work of diving in deeply to the process of healing.  Allowing all parts of myself to connect with the life force of bone growth, cellular transformation and sprouting of new life.  I am in alignment with this natural healing process on all levels.  

I also instinctively knew that in order to do this inner work, and to be aligned with the healing process, I had to acknowledge and release the burden and weight of the pain that I had been carrying around for years.

This woman carrying  the weight on her head of organic waste really resonated with me perfectly, and I used my white paint pen to visually support  the release of not only the pain, but the belief systems that have held me back from moving forward in my life.  She came as a gift of release.
I am the one who is ready to let go of old beliefs, pain and resistance to change and growth.  I embrace the flowering of my life and hope for a new way of being and moving in the world.  I am ready.

This is the last card that I made in group that day.  It puzzled me, and I had a hard time opening to its offering.  But over time I came to see it as the part of me that uses active imagination, visualization and the healing power of art, to envision health and to support a way to move into this surgery with a positive attitude.  
I am the one who takes my life and my healing into my own hands, taping into the universal unconscious, imagining all parts of this process to proceed effortlessly, supported by healing imagery and my imagination.  I am an active partner in my healing, along with the doctors, and all my allies in health.  

And so more to come as I share with whoever is intrigued with art and healing, about my journey.
I am grateful.  Ciao  Caterina

Friday, April 11, 2014

Soul Collage® Working in Series

This is the final card in my New Years Intention Series.

Realizing that I  needed to have an image to move toward, that expressed how I imagined myself healed and moving forward in my life, I focused on that vision in my last card in this beginning part of my healing series.

This  is the image that came forth for me.  
I set myself the intention of taking myself to Hawaii, after these surgeries and visioned myself able to move without pain, and be free in my body and flexibility.

Two of the places that I am drawn to in my life are Hawaii and the Southwest.
Although improbable in life, to walk  out a doorway in  a New Mexico garden onto a beautiful beach, this card makes the improbable probable.  Which is how I felt about tackling two knee replacements and walking with ease.

If I can imagine this then I can revision my life and imagine health, vitality and be pain free.  The perfect card to begin this journey.  

I am the one who can transform the improbable to the possible.  I exalt in my physical abilities to move without pain and experience life to the fullest.  I am ready to walk through the door to a life filled with actualizing my dreams.

More to come in this series. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Invocation- Art Healing and the Imaginal realm

This is the second of 3 cards that I created as intention cards for the new year.
 I knew instinctively that 
in order to dive into this journey I needed assistance and she evolved from
the piles of images on my studio tables....

She has  been a comfort and a reminder to me, a call to prayer, 
an invocation to open and beseech the divine to bring me the strength
 to go the long haul and open to transformation on all levels.

Writing about these images right now, and sharing them with the world, assists me as I sometimes slip into a funk from long days of  rest and long nights of throbbing  discomfort that I have what it takes within to be patient and endure for the sake of a life fully lived.

I am the one who invokes the divine source, to bring the transformation of  my life from one of limitedness to expansive health, flexibility and the joy of transformation and actualization of my dream to walk with out pain, and do the work in the world I am meant to do.  Namaste.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Journey- Imagery and Healing- SoulCollage® as a healing modality

Imagery and imagination have been recongnized forms of complementary therapy that have the capacity to produce positve physical  changes int he body enhance resilience, and cope with life's difficult moments." Cahty Malchiodi  The Soul's Palette.

I approached this  new year ready to  undertake the journey of having one of my knees replaced, with the second on the horizon.   S0, as the holidays approached I knew it was time to cross the bridge to having a surgery that was, the next step in my healing journey.

During the past 3 months, I created a series of cards in my SoulCollage® groups, that have supported guided and clarified my healing journey, and given me the strength and feedback to move forward and have the surgery which I have been resisting.

As the New Year began I made this card in one of my groups as an intention card for the new year. Setting the stage for new year and a new journey with a  destination in the  distance.  

The year of the horse offered me  an ally with the energy and strength to guide and accompany me as I crossed the bridge into an unknown future.  The horse came spontaneously as did all the images in this collage, where I envision and actualize the beginning of this healing journey.  

I am in  the garden of my imagination approaching the bridge that leads to change.  I am accompanied on all sides by allies offering vision, growth and insight.   I am both witnessed and witnessing myself on this journey.

                                         The Bridge

I am the one who is ready to walk across the bridge leading  to a new way of living and moving forward to do what is necessary to bring health vitality and physical healing to my life.  I am accompanied by a magical band of allies and helpers, who support me and help me to flower and grow as I approach the unknown in front of me.  

I am mid stream in this journey now and feel called to share here, my reflections on this process  and the images in this series  that have presented themselves to me, through my SoulCollage® practice.  I plan on doing this day by day, as my energy allows.  All responses and offerings are greatly appreciated.  
I feel blessed by my helpers.  More to come.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Diving into Wax Again-- withering on the post page- here goes

I am so remiss in posting on this blog, that I wonder about the value of keeping it going.  I have been busy to say the least, and time flies by.  

This particular post was sitting here waiting for me to publish it during the summer.  So rather then let it die on the vine, wither on a post page, I am posting it tonight, better late then never.  So I can move forward and re-engage with this creative writing process, of documenting my creative journey.  So here goes. 
 What have I been up to besides enjoying the summer.  Well lots of things...Ongoing SoulCollage® groups, making mandala pendants and cards and collaged journals, and more.
But up until this past weekend, it has been like a block of resistance on doing encaustic which I least until this weekend.  
I can list the reasons that stop me, but that doesn't serve me here...

 The spell has finally been broken, I have had the idea in my mind of taking one of my soulcollage ® cards and using it as a jumping off point as a direction for one of my encaustics, and I have finally started that process.  I am sharing some process photos here.
Into The Deep
 I decided to work with one of my favorite cards, which I call Into the deep..
She is the one who is able to transform any situation with her imagination.
Often when I swim at the YMCA, I imagine the water to be healing pools, warm water in Hawaii, crystal clear river swimming holes with waterfalls around me.  My imagination takes me away from the box of water in a larger box of a building, into my memories of places I visited, to dreamy healing water sanctuaries that only live in my inner world.

By taking a photo of my card and making a zeros copy of it, I was able to transfer it on the wax.

Carrying me away on the waters of my imagination and transforming this space into a natural watery healing memory that lives deep within my unconscious and more youthful adventurous past.  

 I am the one who dives into the waters of my imagination 
and is able to transform any situation 
with my vivd  imagination.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Circle - Square - Triangle - Spiral and Equal Distant Cross- Shapes Mandalas

 I am remiss in posting here, so here are some photos from the 
Illuminated Mandala and 5 Universal Shapes Workshop that I did last month. 
 Held at ARTLIFE Gallery in Sebastopol, there were 11 of us diving into the wonderful experience of creating mandalas, that day.
We worked with Angles Arrien's, fascinating Shapes Preferential Diagnostic Tool, which she developed through her research on Storytelling, Fairy Tales, and the Universal Shapes that are  found in the artwork of all cultures and their cross cultural symbolic meanings.  

These 5 shapes are based on Angees Arrien's book, Signs of Life.  The circle, square, triangle, spiral, and equal distant cxross are found in all art globally.  Doing this test reveals where you are in your own psycho-mythology and gives you a direction as to where to place your energy to support your spiritual and personal growth, during the next cycle of your life. 

 Your  preference for the shapes determines the position and meaning for you
in this moment of your life. 

 The 5 positions of choice were developed out of cross-cultural anthropological research, based on the five choices that occur consistently in fairytales and myths, giving a clue to through the shapes meanings, for right direction in life.

 We often stopped to put our work in progress up on the walls, to step back, stretch, rest our eyes, and to witness the amazing mandalas that emerged throughout the day.
 Here are the mandalas that came through for us that day.

 First we created the white on black mandalas, using the scale of light drawing process, that makes these mandalas appear illuminated, from within, glowing with the essence of each persons touch.

                      Then they are overlaid with brilliant color using only 6 prismacolor pencils
                                                      a rainbow spectrum of colors

                             aquamarine, magenta, violet, yellow orange and true green

                   Each one a shining star, a vibrant energy of moving life force.
                                               Until next time, keep drawing........

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Busy, Busy , a Bee

With the coming of the summer, many new opportunities and directions are opening up for me, and I find myself busier then I have been in a while.  This week has lots of exciting things happening for me, but also alot of preparation.  I am excited to be doing a two person encaustic class with a woman and her friend I am connected with from past classes and work, who will be in Calif. and want to dive into wax work.

It has been a while since I have taught others how to work with lovely delicious wax.  Since I was setting up my studio for others, i spent a full day making new encaustic medium, fine tuning the electricity and melting parrafin and cleaning brushes.  It has been hot here, and doing this in the heat is challenging.  Also the sweet smell of beeswax, brings round the bees.  I wound up getting stung by some yellow jackets in my right, dominant hand, which set me back several days.

I forgot how much work it is to do this and set it up for others,  which is why I haven't done any encaustic classes for over a few years now. 
If my studio was completely dedicated to doing this it would be one thing, but I set up for SoulCollage® workshops every 2 weeks, and then put it all away. So I have been busy.

Nonetheless, I am grateful. So grateful that people are coming my way to work with me. Grateful that my life revolves around art and artmaking in all forms. Grateful for my life. Grateful for the economy rebounding.
I am grateful
In the Light of Gratitude, I have been facilitating a pilot project at a place called the Living Room here in Sonoma County. A place for homeless women to to come and eat, and sit and be safe and have wonderful healing, and practical services provided for them.  I am doing a modified 4 week SoulCollage®  Personal Narrative group, which is very loose and acommodates a room full of women, sleeping, eating, talking on the phone, getting hair cuts and just being.  In the back of the room, myself and Celine an art therapist who just graduated from Notre Dame, set up the collage materials and invite the women to sit and make SoulCollage® cards.  I feel blessed to be able to share this, in spite of the settings challenges. 
 I am grateful.
On Sunday I am doing a Illuminated Mandala and the Five Universal Shapes workshop, at ARTLIFe Gallery in Sebastopol.  That along with SoulCollage® Open Studio, on Friday ends a full and art filled week.
Now just to breathe and take one thing at a time and trust the process. Whew~
Along with planning for a SoulCollage® workshop in Mt Shasta on July 13th,  at a stunningly beautiful Buddhist retreat center called Tara's Refuge.  I am full to the depths of my heart with ART and Life.
Photos from the mandala workshop will be posted here eventually.
Until then. 

Ciao Caterina