Friday, July 12, 2013

Circle - Square - Triangle - Spiral and Equal Distant Cross- Shapes Mandalas

 I am remiss in posting here, so here are some photos from the 
Illuminated Mandala and 5 Universal Shapes Workshop that I did last month. 
 Held at ARTLIFE Gallery in Sebastopol, there were 11 of us diving into the wonderful experience of creating mandalas, that day.
We worked with Angles Arrien's, fascinating Shapes Preferential Diagnostic Tool, which she developed through her research on Storytelling, Fairy Tales, and the Universal Shapes that are  found in the artwork of all cultures and their cross cultural symbolic meanings.  

These 5 shapes are based on Angees Arrien's book, Signs of Life.  The circle, square, triangle, spiral, and equal distant cxross are found in all art globally.  Doing this test reveals where you are in your own psycho-mythology and gives you a direction as to where to place your energy to support your spiritual and personal growth, during the next cycle of your life. 

 Your  preference for the shapes determines the position and meaning for you
in this moment of your life. 

 The 5 positions of choice were developed out of cross-cultural anthropological research, based on the five choices that occur consistently in fairytales and myths, giving a clue to through the shapes meanings, for right direction in life.

 We often stopped to put our work in progress up on the walls, to step back, stretch, rest our eyes, and to witness the amazing mandalas that emerged throughout the day.
 Here are the mandalas that came through for us that day.

 First we created the white on black mandalas, using the scale of light drawing process, that makes these mandalas appear illuminated, from within, glowing with the essence of each persons touch.

                      Then they are overlaid with brilliant color using only 6 prismacolor pencils
                                                      a rainbow spectrum of colors

                             aquamarine, magenta, violet, yellow orange and true green

                   Each one a shining star, a vibrant energy of moving life force.
                                               Until next time, keep drawing........