Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sonoma County Beauty

The other day I went out to Sonoma to bring some of my Mandala Pendant to the charming store "Sisters ", where they will be for sale.  
It was an absolutely stunningly beautiful autumn day and I was dazzled by the beauty all around me.

The sky was so dramatic, with dark storm clouds moving in and out of the sky, punctuated by intense white and  cerelean blue skies.  

 Luckily I had my camera with me and as I drove out there, frantically trying to be in time for an apt.
 I noticed different places along the road that I vowed to take photos of on my way home, when time wasn't and issue.

Now, for those of you who don't know Sonoma County, it is often called Wine Country, and Luther Burbank called it the Chosen spot in the far as natural beauty is concerned.  Whenever, I go away from here, I come home like a tourist, re-enchanted with the place where I live.
 I become jaded to the beauty all around me, yet on this particular day, actually this past Friday, I was driving around in a state of wonder at the dramatic beauty all round me.
As I drove, I noticed cars parked along the side of Hiway 12, with people outside their cars, doing plein air painting, and some taking photographs.
Suddenly I realized that like Julia Cameron writes of in her book the "Artist's Way", I was on an Artists Date with myself, and I slowed down and began to take photographs of what drew my attention, all around me.  
 Pulling out of the traffic here and there, and thinking about the dark and light, the contrast of colors, and whether or not any of these images would work well as photo transfers for my encaustic paintings.
 This mountain is called Sugar Loaf and it is a very special state park right in my back yard almost, isn't it sweet?  What a perfect name for a mountain.
 Along the way I stopped at some fabulous thrift stores, and spent a little money on some delights as I made my way home to Santa Rosa.
 The photos turned out quite wonderfully and so in the spirit of show and tell, and like a proud mother to my wonderful home county, I am sharing them here with the world, or at least a tiny little slice of it.So I hope that you all enjoy these photos, they call out for taking  a deep breath.
  So, Ciao..... and
  happy autumn.... Until Next time, from the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County.