Monday, December 27, 2010

Half way through the Holly- Daze- Blessings

This holiday season has been very stress free for me, my goal was simplicity and joy.  I found that experience in the process of baking a different kind of cookie daily for the week leading up to Christmas, adding to my Italian cookie repertoire.  
Biscotti, Zelletti and Pizzelle

                        Here are two photos of my pizzelle - the second one filled with cannoli filling

Now that Christmas is past, things are slowing down and I am hoping to find some time to do some art making as well as preparing a bit for our Mandala Workshop on January 9th.

So, I am taking the time to send blessings to whoever reads this, but sharing this drawing that I did way back in 1994.  I call this the Blessing Angel, who showers blessings, Peace and compassion to the earth on a daily basis.  
May blessings present themselves in the simple pleasures of life shared deeply and creatively to all of you.
                                                       Prismacolor Pencil on paper 1994
                                                                      Earth Blessings

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Thrill is Gone- Still making postcards..

As I continue to make postcards for the Art Therapy without Borders, post card swap,  I have to say, tthat the thrill is gone.  Gone is the excitement of creating, being replaced with a sense of the obsessive need to complete the project.  
I know, ..... I know that I have 6 months to complete the postcards... but I feel the weight of the commitment to it haunting me, and keeping me from doing other things.

So, I have been creating postcards in bits and pieces over the past week, and now I only have 3 more to make and I am done.  
The other day I mailed off the last of the cards to go to the US and  as soon as I finish making the last three I will mail off all the international cards and be on to something new.  I am often like that when some creative process turns into a creative commitments, something shifts for me and....somewhere along the line, the excitement of the initial creative response leads to the feeling of the grass is always greener syndrome...only in this case the greener longing for another art engagement of some sort.  Maybe it is the colder weather, but encaustic is calling me.
So these are the last few cards that I haven't shared here yet.  Once again, using rice papers and collage bits and pieces of ephemera, to create a visual ground and then adding words.   The words for the  Raw Soul Art Card came from a little box of words and letters that I keep adding to.  I just pulled words from it and tried to find some wisdom from the random words.

I love this Pablo Picasso quote, which I added to several postcards...."Art washes form the soul, the dust of everyday life."
Art Heals...

So  artists and art therapists, and all creative beings, are explorers of spirit.

May you all find the way to explore spirit through creativity in your own unique ways.
Thanks for visiting, and sharing in my art process.