Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Encaustic Open Studio Monday.....

On Monday morning, three women who have been coming regularly to my studio for encaustic classes, joined me in an open studio morning.  After a weekend of hot hot weather here in Northern California, it was a lovely welcome relief to have a cool morning.  The natural air conditioning of the great mother Pacific, brought us relief.  Perfect for working in encaustic.  
I am posting the work that emerged that a.m. 

This piece is one that I worked on with a background I have been struggling with for awhile, finally coming together.  Cheese cloth, collage, photo transfer and sennileir oil pastels over the encaustic.  The image is a from a photograph that I took in Sicily of an altar in the side of one of my relatives houses.     I love it.  It is small but strong.  
Liz continues to work on her family photos in the piece...
with a map of Texas collaged into the encaustic.
This is one of Paula's dragon fly encaustics....
sure looks like a fairy doesn't it.
 I love the colors. 
Another one of Paula's  so rich with beeswax...yumm.

Honey bee was done by   Randy who is a beekeeper. 
The only person who came her is new to the medium... this was her first try at encaustic, 
she is a natural.
Another encaustic by Randy.
I drew with oil pastels on cradled clayboard for this piece, and applied encaustic medium very thickly over it. I love the colors.. This piece however, does not exist anymore. I kept adding colors and working it and it now is something else.  It has become the first image on this post.  NOt sure it is complete either...but I have lost the original....we shall see where the Dream goes.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Vision of Possibility- Intentional Encaustic

Dreams are like the paints of a great artist.  
Your dreams are your paints, 
the world is your canvas.

Believing is the brush that converts your dreams
 into a Masterpiece of Reality.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Encaustic Dreamscapes

The Encaustic Dreamscape day was very intriguing, everyone not only got totally into the process of working in encaustic, but also gained insight and joy from the pieces they created.  As is the case with all art making, the art gave us information  that was revealing, sometimes unexpected and filled with hope.

I enjoyed incorporating guided imagery, free writing and intention setting into the encaustic experience.  I am sure I will do this again in the future.

Here are some photos from the class.

This is my dreamscape, incorporating photo transfer, collage and oil pastels drawn directly onto the substrate board.  It is in process, but made me aware of where my personal focus for change is meant to be.
Creating a new home...
Here is Patti sharing her dreamscape piece
Ani's icon.....
Finding, embracing and loving the authentic self
Paula sharing the story behind her piece 
The Portal
Here is Victoria sharing about her Dreamscape Portal.... process.....
Patti's vision help manifest the perfect new process

....The beginning place for Paula's Dreamscape
and   Fusing, of course......

A Breather after Encaustic weekend

After a full and engaging Mothers Day weekend of facilitating two days of Encaustic painting with others, I have been taking a breather.  

What a wonderful way to self-mother...working in the studio with other enthusiastic women.  

Day one was basically and encaustic open studio, with only one participant new to the medium.  Although I am missing photos of two artists work, here are some images of encaustics created that day.

On Sunday we focused on creating Dreamscapes or Vision Encaustics, and what emerged were some powerful pieces.  I will add them later.  

Friday, May 8, 2009

Encaustic Workshop This Weekend!

Yesterday, after mixing up another batch of medium and finishing the organization of my studio, I did this encaustic painting, integrating several photo transfer images.  The house is a photo taken up at Howards creek ranch, I also added some sunflowers from my past gardens and a bird.  I think... I added a bit too much to this piece. 

It is in process, and I am not sure if I will scrape some of it down, add some texture and or more medium over it.  We shall see.   

 I am looking forward to a full weekend of working in encaustic with others.  

On Sunday we will be focusing on creating Encaustic Dreamscape Vision boards primarily.  I look forward to seeing what others will do.  I have been gathering images and ideas for what I plan to work on.  

I will be an exciting mothers day weekend.  I will post photos from the workshops, sometime next week, when I have the time.  Happy Mothers Day to all.  I am finally mothering myself on Mothers Day by indulging in non stop art making.  What can be better.  Ciao Caterina

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Encaustic Incarnation #3 The Bird and the Butterfly

Today I went into the studio, planning on making some more medium.  But something else happened.  I had this piece that I was scraping away the wax from, which had 2 previous totally different lives and identities.  I decided to play with contrasting colors and see what happened. 
Using 2 different transfers  from old lithographs, and cheesecloth, the Bird and the Butterfly came to visit, or rather live.  I am getting simpler in my work, after having been very textured and elaborate in my earlier encaustic work.  This piece highlights the luminosity of the colors, which is one of the things I love, love love about encaustic paint.  The cheese cloth dipped and saturated in encaustic medium, and painted over  with encaustic paint, does something incredible to the piece.  

It appears I am onto a new direction once again, after falling in love with blending colors and photo transfer I am now feeling braver about adding texture.  What a satisfying day. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Ready Gets me WoRkInG !!! again....

As I begin to prepare for two encaustic workshops I am facilitating next weekend, I primed my creative pump a bit and did a new piece that I love.  It seems that gathering my materials, organizing my supplies, cleaning the space and preparing for others to come join me, allows connections to happen and all of a sudden things fall into place and I am working.  Hallelulia, is that the key, creating and inviting an resource filled environment for others, creates it for myself, and I become motivated.  

I have always been drawn to prayer flags, as and image and a metaphor. I love the concept of prayers and dreams symbolically represented in form, and then being dissolved and transmitted through the wind.   Over the years I have made many prayer flags and led my students in many prayer flag experiences.   I had a copy of a photo graph of prayer flags high in the mountains of nepal....and made a zerox copy of it, waiting for inspiration.

After creating and encaustic background, I transfered the image and immersed some cheescloth in encaustic medium., fused it all together and added encaustic paint to the cheesecloth.   That is the physical process, but the outcome some how really excites me and touches me deeply.   So I am sharing the image here.  It feels like an ephipany, somehow.  

Today I went to western Farms and bought more beeswax and I am so excited about getting ready.