Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Imagination is the true Magic Carpet....

As we open to the energy of spring, it is important to remember to use its energy to open to the imaginal realm as we create our visions for our lives.   We create it whether we want to or not, know it or not, believe it on not, so why not create consciously.  This is a thought that comes to me again and again as I step into the greening of the spring.

As I travel through my day, I have found myself imagining the green of the earth, the grasses that are sprouting all around my house and my life, growing up into my body and invigorating me with their life force.  Health, vitality, new growth streaming into my body, teaching me how to be in my life with newness and a sense of possibility.

Pay attention to what is right in front of you, take the time, even if its 30 seconds, to cherish the moments of your day, simple, complex, frustrating, and the  challenging as well as the sweet and tangible ones.
These are my spring thoughts, my prayers for balance and a renewed physical engagement with life.

Build a structure of belief whether you believe it or not, let consistency be the ritual that transforms the day and the world into one that fits my dreams.   Send these thoughts on wings of dreamy reverie, put the postage stamp of approval on them, open, hope, suspend judgement.

Honor the imagination.  As Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Because our imagination is like a magic carpet that can take us away, and fill us with hope, and reframe the present so unlike a bitter pill, life is much easier to swallow.

So as the landscape of this season unfolds in my creativity and my dreams and my fantasies, I offer these images and thoughts for bringing spring into your life .

                                               Happy Spring Dream Time to all...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Look for my Blog.

Well, I have been messing around with my blog settings and have lost my old settings, so I now have a new look to my blog. Not sure if I am totally happy with it, but this is it for now.  Let me know what you think, if you even think about it, or view my blog on a regular basis.  It often seems like I am  rambling off to the universe, and I am never sure who views it or if it touches anyone.  Although I often get lovely comments, so I do know that people can be impacted by my images, if not my words.

I recently watched the film Julie and Julia, and became motivated by it to set some new intentions for this endeavor.  My original intention when I first began was to share my students work, my art and anything that inspired me.  Art Full Musings... ta dah!  But since I lost my teaching job, I have been trying many different ways to bring in monetary reimbursement for my creative engagements, besides facilitating workshops and doing art sessions with people.

Many years ago, I realized that I was rich in images, ABUNDANTLY SO, so now I am making a new effort to move my images out into the world and have them do their work and pay their way.  So, in that light I am going to begin to showcase some of my art here that I would love to sell and send on their way into the world.  I will begin with my encaustic paintings that lie hither and yon around my house, so I hope to weekly begin this project, showing, sharing, and hoping that someone out in the great web of this inter netted universe might love to send some money my way for my art.

The first piece I am sharing in this light is a sweet little (5"x7") encaustic mixed media collage painting called...Flowering Sea.

This is an earlier piece, that integrates collage imagery and alot of carved texture.  The wave of course is familiar to many, but hopefully repurposed, recycled into a new statement.

I love the full moon over the water, and the flowering sea.  I am reminded of the flowers floating in the sea of Hawaii, the scent of ceremony and ritual honoring, filling the night sky.

This piece will be offered up in my etsy site for purchase, or you can contact me here as well.  It is painted on hardboard.

Many blessings...

Monday, March 1, 2010

On-going Journal pages....Show and Tell

I haven't been posting much lately,  because I have been trying to focus on doing my taxes in bits and pieces, as well as just starting a new art therapy journaling  group for teenage girls, so my time and energy has been diverted a bit.

However, I still have been working in my on-going mixed media collage journal.  I love how I can sit for 15 minutes or more and embellish. doodle around an image, add words on glue a border piece or new image on and feel the satisfaction of the process.  So here are some pages that have changed, evolved, reformed or are in the process of being birthed in the journal I am putting energy into these days..

So here is a little show and tell just for the sake of it..

I often Dream of Release.......

As I began this journal, I began to collect quotations that spoke to me in the moment, so many of these mixed media collage pieces incorporate the quotes that fit them.

Trusting, trusting the process, trusting life, trusting the universe, trusting myself, seems to be an important musing that comes up again and again.  

The Geography of the Heart III

I love how this process evolves and becomes more than I ever imagined in the beginning of the process.

                                              "To Be an Artist is to Believe in Life"  Henry Moore
I love this quote by Bertole Brecht....
Unfortunately the colors on these images have not come through very well, maybe if I make the size of the image smaller....

And to end this series is the thought that it is all about ...believing in yourself.  
Believe in Your Self!!!