Friday, August 24, 2012

Cycling Back into Circles...Mandala Magic

After quite a long while I finally came back to drawing some mandalas.  

Here is the beginning of one that I started a while ago and decided to work on to get myself back into the groove so to speak.

Finding a direction
Since I love drawing them and rarely set the time aside to do them when not leading a workshop
adding color
I decided to see if I could get a once a month mandala group going in my studio, which would be an opportunity for me to dive into the process regularly as well as provide the time and space for others as well.  .
Completion...this is about getting some energy moving in my life, while balancing my many interests.
So on the Second Sunday of each monthly I am now offering an Sunday Morning Mandala Circle at my studio.  If you are interested in joining me and a small group of other Mandala lovers...please do get in touch...

Flowering from my Essence
Completed mandala from the Flowering Workshop
                                                    and....  On another mandala note.......
Last Sunday the Northern California (NorCATA) art therapists gathered at Linda Chapmans studio, Art Therapy Insitute of the Redwoods,  in Calpella in Mendocino County, just outside of Ukiah.
Altar to Patricia Waters
                                             We gathered to honor the passing of my dear friend Patricia, and her contribution to the field of art therapy. had the honor of holding the circle and sharing the Illuminated Mandala Process that we both facilitated together for many years with the group.
                                             Here are some photos from that day..
We did a Thank you for this Moment honor our lives and what is precious and meaningful to us.

At the end of the circle we placed our mandalas in a larger mandala on the floor of the studio, to circle, honor and witness them and our process.  Once again, I felt enlivened and blessed to be doing this work, and hope to continue sharing it with others.