Saturday, April 16, 2011

More SoulCollage® cards...still making them

Well lately, life has been grounding me a bit.  I did something to my left knee, and have had to slow down tremendously.  I am trying to let it heal, but it is real slow going.  My impatience has me up and running in my head, but my body can barely hobble.  Today, I wound up canceling on a excursion, and then losing the keys to my studio, and finally, my car was dead when I tried to go somewhere needlessly.  So the universe is truely forcing me to be still and slow down.  Nonetheless, I made 3 new SoulCollage® cards today.  So I am sharing them here, as well as a few more that I did about a week ago.
Without further ado....

                                       Transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary....
                   Trust has always been an issue, but really it is a non issue... because there is a greater story afloat here.
                         I guess I am meant to write about all the wonder, awe and musings....
                                         These first three are the ones I made today....

                                                the following were created in the past few weeks..
 I Am The One Who celebrates  in nature ~ I transform through my connection with the earth
                                   This is the essence of soul..
 The waterfall of abundance.......
I Am The One Who looks within, who notices the patterns of life around me, often taking me  away from what is right on front of me, that is  blossoming and ready to fly right in front of my very eyes.  So . Pay attention.

Today I came across this Mary Oliver quote, it fits to end with this.  

"Instructions for living a life. Pay attention.   Be astonished. 

Tell about it."   — Mary Oliver

Monday, April 4, 2011

Abstraction is a challenge for me

I work in so many different media, that I have to find ways to trick myself into doing some of them.  I love to paint with acrylics, but rarely do these days because I am so pulled by many different processes. One way in which I get myself to paint, is to never leave paint unused.  
I have a magical little girl who comes to paint with me at my studio.  She loves to use lots of color, so after we meet I always use the paint she has left over to begin a new painting.

I give myself permission to do whatever, 
not worry about outcome
spread the paint across the canvas impulsively
know that I can use this as a base for collage so anything goes
be thrifty- and have fun
I have begun a series of these paintings.
This is one that I just recently began and then subsquently
worked on over a series of studio sessions.

This painting kept changing from its initial impulsive, expressive beginning.  I was hoping to stay completely abstract with it, but the last time I worked on it, the image of the bird and then the flower emerges.  I loved each in their own way, so let them stay.  I however, really respect abstract painters and wish I could stay completely abstract and free from imagery.  But I really find that a challenge.  Nonetheless, I like this piece and feel it is complete.

If you are an abstract painter, how do you stay committed to the non representational, I would love to hear from you.  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

And another mandala to share with you all

Today in my email I received this photo of another completed Spring Shapes mandala.  This was drawn by Paula DuVander.  Once again, it is so interesting to see how even when working with similar motifs, ie the 5 universal shapes, each mandala is so different and unique/

When I look at this vibrant, colorful mandala, I am reminded of the thick texture of needlepoint or the vibrant colors of Huchiol yarn paintings.    I am so pleased that folks continue to send me images of their completed mandalas.  I will be sure to post them as they arrive.

Enjoy the spring...