Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two more Encautics in my Bella Italia series - In Process

Here are two more new encaustics that I worked on yesterday for my Festa Italiana series...Bella Italia.    I plan on having a series of these to take to a big Italian Cultural Arts Fair that I will be selling jewelry at on Oct. 11th.  

Whether they are complete is the question, the first one is a photo transfer from an earlier mixed media encaustic that I did several years ago.  I plan on clarifying this one a bit and perhaps adding something on the right side.  We shall see.  Sometimes the dreamy quality of photo transfer adds to a piece other times it leaves something lacking. Which is it?...

This doorway was a bit more evocative in the original photo, but I still love it. I again am not sure where to go with it and if it needs something more or to be changed.

The good thing is that  I am back in the studio playing, and exploring with the hot wax.  Now that the weather has cooled quite a bit  here in Northern California, it is much more appealing to crank up the hot plates and heat gun.  

Since I am planning another Encaustic Class for the begining of November, getting back into the swing of things is good.  It seems I often need an external goal to get me moving, so at least I am moving forward.. More to come I am sure.  Perhaps one of these days I will show some of my jewelry here as well.  I have been making jewelry for years and years, having done Craft Fairs for ever.  I only start making jewelry these days close to the holiday season, since earrings always sell no matter what the economy.  Doing a fair is something I haven't done for a long long time, but since I was laid off from my faculty position last December I am revisiting it again.  The Italian Festa is a fun event, many Italians, which reminds me of my family, lots of good food...and it is short and sweet...11-6, is also a plus...not alot of hours to sit.

If you are in Santa Rosa on Sunday Oct. 11th, come on by to Festa Italiana at the Veterans Building and check it out!

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