Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Few More Dolls - And my Inner Child

In my Friday Medicine Art Group we started the process of making  Spirit Dolls.   Since we meet for 3 hours and quite a few people were out last Friday, only a few folks  began.  They are in process and have great potential brewing.  Here are a few photos of  several of the dolls in their beginning stages.

In the group two weeks before this one, ( we meet alternating Fridays), we created  images honoring our inner child...(inner creative beings, which led to us creating the dolls in the next meeting.

This is mixed media collage of my inner child.   She looks a little moody, and I realized that I was a rather introverted child, due to having many health issues in my childhood.
She loved to make paper dolls and little people out of all kinds of supplies, so doing doll making with others definitely in a healing, and joyous salve to my inner little girl.

She also loved to do art with others, parallel imaginative, play, and I am so blessed to still be able to do this.  I have created my life work out of the longings of my inner child.

Speaking of being with others and making art as well as pushing my creative limits.  This weekend I am going to the Mendocino Art Center to  take a class in " Creating Stunning Abstracts" along with my friend and fellow art therapist, and partner in the Creative Arts Studio , Patricia Waters.  This class and its teacher, Mira M.White , have come highly recommended.  I am looking forward to doing something very different  from my normal creative focus.

Mendocino is one of my favorite places to go, and taking a class at the art center is a wonderful experience.  I will post images from the class and my trip next time I get around to posting.  Happy Art Making!!!


aspiringcrone said...

Lovely work!

What are you using for the base for creating the dolls? Is that something you made? They almost look like they are stuffed muslin or cotton.

My inner little girl wants to be created and played with!

Caterina Martinico said...

I am using premade muslin doll forms. They come in lots of different sizes, and some have wire in them for bending...(ie bendy dolls). Using them is a wonderful, simple way to begin and they can be adapted in many ways. The faces are made from sculpey the cooked in a toaster oven, and painted with acylics etc.

Have fun playing with your little inner girl!

aspiringcrone said...

Duh! Yes - I just went back and read the prior post - don't know how that slipped by me.

I am sooooo excited and inspired!!!!

You have gifted me with many expansions and explosions of creativity through your work here.

Words are inadequate to thank you properly so I show my support by shopping at your Etsy Store :)

Caterina Martinico said...

Thanks so much, I am glad to inspire others. I just love to make things, do art, and share it with others and how the process supports growth and joy. I appreciate the support in all the ways it comes to me. I try to bring in money through my on line stores and I appreciate the support.

Have fun making dolls!! Caterina

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