Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mandala's Galore

Mandalas are up for me as I rework and frame a few to take into the gallery in Healdsburg Ca where I show and sell some of my work. ART & ALL THAT JAZZ.

I recently faciliated a Mandala retreat with my art therapist friend and partner in the Creative Arts Studio .... so I am back to the lovely, meditative process of working with prismacolors again and finding comfort in mandala making.

Here are a few of my Heart Mandalas... for a pre Valentines Day inspiration.

Want to make one? Draw a circle on paper, find the center, draw/paint/collage a shape, or image in the center and then work out to the edges of the circle thinking of balance and symmetry.

Remember to put only images that you want to draw attention to in the center.. postive, uplifting..healing visions!

Heart fully....

Want to buy a print or card of one of these mandalas? or maybe an original?....
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