Friday, April 11, 2014

Soul Collage® Working in Series

This is the final card in my New Years Intention Series.

Realizing that I  needed to have an image to move toward, that expressed how I imagined myself healed and moving forward in my life, I focused on that vision in my last card in this beginning part of my healing series.

This  is the image that came forth for me.  
I set myself the intention of taking myself to Hawaii, after these surgeries and visioned myself able to move without pain, and be free in my body and flexibility.

Two of the places that I am drawn to in my life are Hawaii and the Southwest.
Although improbable in life, to walk  out a doorway in  a New Mexico garden onto a beautiful beach, this card makes the improbable probable.  Which is how I felt about tackling two knee replacements and walking with ease.

If I can imagine this then I can revision my life and imagine health, vitality and be pain free.  The perfect card to begin this journey.  

I am the one who can transform the improbable to the possible.  I exalt in my physical abilities to move without pain and experience life to the fullest.  I am ready to walk through the door to a life filled with actualizing my dreams.

More to come in this series. 


Sunny Dawn said... considers the fisrt image out of the series of healing story too successful to comment! It goes without saying - the talent is undeniable!

Caterina Martinico said...

Hi Sunny
Thanks so much for your super positive response to my image. The process of SoulCollage® has helped me tremendously on my own personal healing journey. This collaged card really speaks volumnes to me. thank you for letting me know that the image and my art making touched you so deeply

I have been quite lax in my posting on this blog and do hope to get back engaged very soon.
Thanks and best to you.