Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ongoing SoulCollage® journey - Imaginal healing- Preparing for surgery thru Artmaking

The next time my group met I wanted to continue with using the process of SoulCollage® to help support my preparing for surgery.    I realized that I needed an image that represented the process of healing on a deep level  These wonderful hands presented themselves to me,  and represented the hard work  that awaited me  ahead, of going from being in pain to walking without pain.     
I am the one who does the hard work of diving in deeply to the process of healing.  Allowing all parts of myself to connect with the life force of bone growth, cellular transformation and sprouting of new life.  I am in alignment with this natural healing process on all levels.  

I also instinctively knew that in order to do this inner work, and to be aligned with the healing process, I had to acknowledge and release the burden and weight of the pain that I had been carrying around for years.

This woman carrying  the weight on her head of organic waste really resonated with me perfectly, and I used my white paint pen to visually support  the release of not only the pain, but the belief systems that have held me back from moving forward in my life.  She came as a gift of release.
I am the one who is ready to let go of old beliefs, pain and resistance to change and growth.  I embrace the flowering of my life and hope for a new way of being and moving in the world.  I am ready.

This is the last card that I made in group that day.  It puzzled me, and I had a hard time opening to its offering.  But over time I came to see it as the part of me that uses active imagination, visualization and the healing power of art, to envision health and to support a way to move into this surgery with a positive attitude.  
I am the one who takes my life and my healing into my own hands, taping into the universal unconscious, imagining all parts of this process to proceed effortlessly, supported by healing imagery and my imagination.  I am an active partner in my healing, along with the doctors, and all my allies in health.  

And so more to come as I share with whoever is intrigued with art and healing, about my journey.
I am grateful.  Ciao  Caterina

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Kristi said...

Hey, ran across your blog on Art & Healing Network website.

I can really resonate with your images as I've been doing some soul deep healing as well.

Check out my blog and let me know what you think!

- Kristi