Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something Different - Memoire Mothers Day -Request- Referrals- Blog Tours- Aha

Well lately I have had several requests to share other people's work here on my blog.  I guess that must mean that this blog is being seen by other's as a platform to share their creativity.  Since this is new for me I am a bit hesitant to do this, but willing to give it a try.

The first request was a creative response to Mothers Day. I was approached by Teresa Jordan to embed the following video in my blog.  This poignant artist illustrated video about mother's, loss and the scent of memory, really touched me. Take the time to click on this link, it is really worth viewing.  Sorry that I couldn't figure out how to actually get the video on here. Oh well.

Teresa's video really struck a chord with me.
It brought back auditory memories of the sound my mother's high heeled shoes.  She always wore them, and wondered why I never wanted to wear them myself.  The sounds of her heels clicking on the sidewalk, on the wood floor, on the linoleum, live in my memory.

After she passed away I had a series of three very intense dreams, early in the morning on three consecutive days in a row.  I am sharing this dream, altered reality experience here. 

Day 1 - Footsteps on the sidewalk, from a long way off, the sounds getting  clearer and louder,
sounding close and very familiar.
Coming up the walkway to my house,
stopping at the step and then I awoke.
So familiar, so close, so real, my heart pounding,
I knew it was my mother.

Day 2 - Once again, footsteps coming from a long way off.  The sound of the clicking, click.. clack, click clack,  getting louder as they approached my house.  I knew it was my mom coming again.  This time, I heard the sound stop at the doorstep, but then the sound of the screen door opening, rustling sounds, like someone carrying bags full of groceries, in their arms. ...and I awoke. Once again heart pounding  panic, is this real?

Day 3 -  A repeat of the sound of high heels, in the early, early morning, heels clicking, on cement, quickly stepping closer, and closer, up the step, opening the screen door, lots of packages or parcels being put down and keys in the door, with the front door about to be opened.  I could hear the door knob turning and the door starting to open.   I awoke, my body tight, sweating.  I knew my mother was about to come in the door, but I was too afraid to see what would happen next.  I cried out "Please don't come in.  I am afraid". Then  I awoke, to a bright morning sun shining through the window and stillness.  After that she didn't return.  But I knew I had been visited.
I had the distinct knowing that she was coming to visit bringing presents, bags of gifts and blessings, and I was ready to both receive and release her.  I felt grateful and in the months to come I did receive many blessings and gifts in my life, that I attributed to those early morning visits from my mother.

~ Another Request~

I have also been requested to participate in a blog tour and giveaway of a new ebook release of a fantasy novel, Dark Innocence: Book One of the Star-Seer's Prophecy, by author and therapist Rahima Warre.  I haven't read her book, but feel in affinity with her work, so I am agreeing to it.
She will be doing a guest blog post here on June 4th. 
Here is a link to her book, this should be interesting. 

Until next time. Ciao, Caterina

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