Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making Multiples - On a roll - or rather a Circle - Oh My

Shiny clear glass domes
Well, I am back at it again, making more and more of the pendants from my mandalas, Patricia's mandalas as well as the buddha/bottisatvas.   I decided to post my process here.  I have been uploading these on occasion to my facebook page and a friend asked if I was going to do a workshop.  Hmmm, who knows, but right now I am making them to sell, hoping to find stores and people who fall in love with these charming little amulets.

 Here are some of the domes with images glazed on, I love how they look all together.

All lined up and drying  in my studio, waiting for chains, or ribbons or whatever, lots of mandalas hoping for new homes and lovely ladies hearts to grace.

I think I have said this before, but there is something so comforting about creating multiples of things, lots of little circles of wholeness, waiting for someone's imagination to project on it.

 The one problem is organizing and sorting through all of these pendants....here they are in a jewelry display holder

This one is my full moon Spring Tree of Live Mandala, in a copper setting.  I am in love with the copper right now.  Although the photo I took of this amulet isn't the greatest, this is one of my favorite images.
 Butterfly Transformation Amulet.  I created this mandala when recovering from surgery.

Here are some of my new Buddha pendants in circle pendant trays rather than oval.  I am trying to simplify things by just working in the circle now.

Ta Da.... a close of up of one of the buddhas.  I love this one...
So that is what I have been up to and rather obsessed by lately.  Now to market them.  I have posted some in my etsy store, but am looking for real live people to buy them from me.

Want one?  
Or know of any stores that would like to carry this line of Amulets.
 Let me know.
 Ciao Caterina


Jane Sorgetz said...

Lindos esses pingentes !!!
Abra├žos Jane

paintbetty said...

you should go check out the IONS center in Petaluma of st antonio rd. they have a gift shop, and your beautiful mandala.pendants would fitright in!

Caterina Martinico said...

Thank you Paint Betty. I will call them and check it out. It does seem like a good fit. Thanks again.