Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time Goes By - and More SoulCollage

It has been awhile since I last posted anything here, but I have been busy, actually busier than I thought I could get without working alot.  My life is full and good, rich with abundance and the beauty of creativity is my life blood.  This weekend I am taking a SoulCollage facilitator training in Los Gatos, which is in the hills on the way to Santa Cruz.  I am looking forward with anticipation to the experience. So, as part of my preparation for this, I have been making more cards, some of which are shown here.  

 Abundance and Beauty
 Inner Artist

My inner artist is loving this process, my creativity is like a strong flowing waterfall and never  ceases to amaze me.  But I am a bit concerned about being pulled in too many hope is that I will be able to integrate this approach into my work as an art therapist/creativity facilitator.  My fear is that I will be overwhlemed and not have time to explore the many creative pulls that call to me, by adding one more focus.  

 Creative Source

 Nonetheless, the inner pull towards this process is strong, and I am open to watching where it will lead.  What I find so fascinating about SoulCollage cards, is the articulating of just a few images and letting them speak.  When an image is taken away from its contextual origins, something as simple as one face, or tree or waterfall, says volumes.  As a mixed media collage artist, the simplicity is something new and needed for me.  Less is more.

 I am the one who has something to say and something to share.

  I flow effortlessly towards what calls to me, being guided by the flower of creativity and my own inner guides.  I trust that this new directions will bring, a youthful new enthusiasm to getting my work out there.  It is challenging being self-employed, and often times new energy is like life blood, infusing me with energy and excitement, all of which helps me to manifest work in the world. 

Inner Manifester
So I am the one who is able to manifest my creative dreams, and doesn't hesitate to move forward. 
I look forward to releasing my doubts, and returning with some new contacts, information and direction, all of which, or at least some of which I plan to share here.  



The Rookie said...

Is it Soul Collage Awareness Month? I am seeing a lot of Soul Collage going on. I don't even like Soul Collage, but I feel like I need to make some today. Yours are great! I'm totally inspired.

Caterina Martinico said...

Thanks, and not that I know of, I just love collage and this process is wonderfully revealing. Thanks again..