Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best Laid Plans - can run amok-

So, even though my artist self, was biting at the chafe to go to the SoulCollage training this past weekend,  the universe obviously had something else in mind for me.  The night before I was going to leave and drive down to Los Gatos, my cat Bobby,  jumped into my arms, being threatened by a newly adopted alpha cat we have, Petit Caramel.  I tried to avert a cat fight between them, and wound up being, bit, clawed and scratched so bad I had to go to the ER.  

My hand swelled up so bad,  I couldn't hold a steering wheel, let alone drive 3 hours down to the workshop.  I was disappointed, in pain, and a bit bummed out.  But by the next a.m., I knew it wasn't meant to be.  So I had to let it go.  
 Even though, a deep part of me knew that I was being led on some level to take this training, to incorporate another approach into my work with others and collage, I also knew that I had been pushing to do this all along, and I needed to trust the process of what was going on, and not resist that.  I had to let go.  And throughout the following days, again and again, I was grateful for my decision to stay home.  I really needed to baby my hand, especially with a swollen red hot hand from a cat cut.  
So, I will do the training in June, and just keep making my soul muse cards, and perhaps begin to gather others for a small SoulCollage group at my studio.  Letting go, is a big one for me. 

I continually get lessons in going with the flow again and again, and this was a prime example of a time when I had to go with the flow.  My lesson is to trust, and flow through life like the wind.  

So, I will keep posting my SoulCollage cards as I make them, but I will let go of the push to complete and get there, and become one, and do it.  Rather I will trust, let it happen in its own time, and not worry or sweat the small stuff.  

So, now that it is getting easier for me to use my hand again, I have found myself drawn to complete the mandala that I started at the New Years Mandala day, especially since in 2 weeks we are doing another mandala making day at the studio.
Trust, Go with the Flow and Don't worry, be Happy.  Ciao, 


Barbara said...

Oh my goodness! Get well, Caterina!

Caterina Martinico said...

Thanks Barbara, good to hear from you. I am, today my hand looks lots better, I am however on a second round of antibiotics for it.

pauladuv said...

Well, goodness what an experience! Sorry to hear you had to miss the training. I'm happy to know you will be at the one in June. I'll be there as well and will look forward to seeing you there. Your cards, by the way, are just wonderful.

Caterina Martinico said...

Yes Paula, it was a drag, but once again probably for the best. Glad you will there as well. I look forward to it. See you soon.