Monday, August 23, 2010

Geography of the Soul Encaustic painting...

I thought that I would post this painting today.  This is the encaustic painting that I have been working on for a while in stops and starts.  My creative process moves in such a left brain way, but I have to trust the process, so this was in limbo for a while and then wallah...I came back to it.

It has changed a bit since I first began.  I think it is complete  but I am open to responses.  I have lost most of the map that is embeded under neath the images collaged into the beeswax, but it still feels like a personal journey map to me.  Traveling over the safe waters of my life towards my home in the heart.

If I had done something like this in years past, their might have been many more troubled waters, but these days, it doesn't feel like that.  I love getting the feedback of my souls state though my art.

I hope to post more here again in the near future.

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