Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Therapy Renewal in the Redwoods- Connecting with the Tribe

This past weekend I went to the Northern Calif. Art therapy Assn. gathering in Redwood Valley in Mendocino, to connect, network and gather to do a workshop at art therapist Linda Chapman's wonderful studio, Art Therapy Institute of the Redwoods.

Her studio space is an inspiration, and the setting is exquisite.  Linda facilitated us in collaborative Eco Art Workshop, making collaborative art with recycled materials.  More than anything else we had fun.  We had to create a collaborative piece which was either a character or an invention that had a purpose.

For me the experience of playing with art with others in my art therapy tribe and networking was the highlight of the day and quite invigorating...So Here are some photos of the day.

old computer keys...what fun to incorporate into an art piece

This piece is a playful expression of the source of creative energy that art therapists draw from, or as Christi defined as the Art Therapist.
The beginnings of a piece made from recycled braille books.

The Amazing and Wonderful Art VARk

It purpose is to only speak in positive, life affirming statements. 

The Art Vark  was made by covering a cardboard box with many plastic bags, covering them over with masking tape and other recycled paper products to give form and substance to the body.  

Gathering with this group made me rethink going to the AATA conference which will be held in
Sacramento this year.  
Plus the drive up into Mendocino county was so, lovely.  Ciao

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