Friday, June 12, 2009

Encaustic listed on EBAY---trying it again

I brought home some encaustic paintings from Art and All That Jazz last week, after switching them with some newer work.  I love this little piece, which I call the Flowering Sea.  It reminds me of all those magical, wonder-filled  flowers that you see in Maui, floating on the sea.  I love the mysterious enchantment of them, and this encaustic mixed media painting does honor to them.

I decided to post it on ebay instead of my etsy site 
to see if perhaps another online venue for selling my art would bring results.   

This textural encaustic painting is 5"x7" on hardboard and looks enchanting framed.  The experiment continues for a week, take a look if you want.   Here is the link:  The Flowering Sea.

Today I am having another meeting of the Medicine Art Group, so  I am off to get ready.  

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