Thursday, April 9, 2009

Setting up the Studio again- getting ready for Saturday

Living the Butterfly Woman archetype.
It's raining today, a perfect day for going into my studio and setting up for the Encaustic Open Studio day I am hosting /facilitating this Saturday.   

We definitely need the rain here in Northern CA., as we dance with a major drought...however, the rain does have a tendency to turn me inward, something I have been rather obsessive about  lately, as I try to put together the loose ends of my life.  
I hate to say this, but I havn't cranked up the hot plates since my last Encaustic weekend over a month ago.  I know part of the reason is because I have had  to move around the encaustic set up for my women's group and the mandala workshop, cleaning wax off the tables, and creating a different atmosphere/ enviornment for each class....but
But it is also a lethargy that has taken hold since I am not working a regular job anymore.  It's not to say that I haven't done any art, I have completed a mandala, and worked in one of my altered visual journals.  But undivided studio time with my encaustic paints, which is where I really loose myself and get into a flow, just hasn't happened.  I flit like a butterfly.
Yes,  its all this putting it away and bringing it out that shifts my attention. 

 I am looking forward to getting back into my work with wax again.  It is also important to honor that I am going through a " spiral" process right now, and to not devalue it, but enjoy the flitting, and truely indulge the butterfly in me.  Perhaps I am the Butterfly Woman.


Eight Women Dream said...

We love the process of art and an artist just joined our little group. I love how you show your cans of color here and the process - makes us feel like we are there with you.

emergingcrone said...

I know that spiral... and the way it dips below the surface... and I know the fallow times where we are consolidating and composting and *being* with not as much doing.

It is good to be reminded of the value of these times - it serves as sustenance for me.