Thursday, April 2, 2009

Calla Lilly means- Magnificent Beauty

It is truly spring and the air is filled with delightful freshness as well as pollen.  I am in a sense of pure delight over the beauty all around me.  I have been working on my Spring Mandala and am getting closer to completion.

This is close to the beginning when I first began to add color

I love to slow down and draw, one step after the other, letting the prismacolor pencil slow me down move me into a synchronization with my breathing.  This one is closer to completion, with a bit of white added to the final circle of the mandala.  I am not sure if there is more to come, wether I will leave the black in the inner ring or not, but it is lovely as it is.  I just love Calla Lillies, so common, so simple yet so elegantly beautiful.  If I do more to this mandala, I will post it later, now it is what it is.  I notice how pared down my drawing are becoming, perhaps it is because my life is simpler now, less running around, fewer big daily commitments.  I love it.  Life is good and it is spring once again.   


Tj Lev said...

Hello. I stumbled upon you after finding your post on craigslist. Love the mandala's! I might have to come to a workshop sometime. Be well. Tj.

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