Saturday, January 12, 2008

Into The Studio - Encaustic-ly

Into The Blue

Quan Yin in her Garden

I finally, at the very end of my winter break, got into the studio and spent a few afternoons with my wax melting and my mind playing with possibilities. Here are three small encaustics (5"x7") on masonite, that I created. I find that as i work more and more witih this medium I get simpler, allowing the melted wax to create the environment for image development.


marianne said...

Hi Catarina,
Just discovered your blog and I love it. Wonderful creations!
And Quan Yin is always appearing to me and again in your blog.....
Greetings Marianne

Veronica Swain said...

Hi Caterina,

I think your work is amazing, and I have been subscribed for some time. The encaustic wax process is something I want to get into, but I don't have any workshops or classes in my area, or even just outside it. I will be teaching myself when I get the tools, but I am curious as to if you could share some points with me as to how your images are so sharp - like the varying values in the leaves and then against their darker background. It's hard for me to imagine the wax staying so perfect and clean. Also, I think the workshops you hold look amazing, and I wish I lived in CA! (I'm in CT...)

caterina said...

Thank you both for responding to my work. I often wonder who really see my work. There are many encaustic classes in New York...upstate...Kingston I believe as well as in the city.... which is a stones throw from CT. R & F paints is the best place to learn. Check out their website for classes.

The encaustic medium ...which is beeswax and damar resin....allows for images under neath to show through is a very dreamlike way. Which I love. I then tend to paint over, under and around the images, pulling out what intrigues me. Good luck in exploring the medium...It it very engaging.

caterina said...
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