Saturday, November 16, 2013

Diving into Wax Again-- withering on the post page- here goes

I am so remiss in posting on this blog, that I wonder about the value of keeping it going.  I have been busy to say the least, and time flies by.  

This particular post was sitting here waiting for me to publish it during the summer.  So rather then let it die on the vine, wither on a post page, I am posting it tonight, better late then never.  So I can move forward and re-engage with this creative writing process, of documenting my creative journey.  So here goes. 
 What have I been up to besides enjoying the summer.  Well lots of things...Ongoing SoulCollage® groups, making mandala pendants and cards and collaged journals, and more.
But up until this past weekend, it has been like a block of resistance on doing encaustic which I least until this weekend.  
I can list the reasons that stop me, but that doesn't serve me here...

 The spell has finally been broken, I have had the idea in my mind of taking one of my soulcollage ® cards and using it as a jumping off point as a direction for one of my encaustics, and I have finally started that process.  I am sharing some process photos here.
Into The Deep
 I decided to work with one of my favorite cards, which I call Into the deep..
She is the one who is able to transform any situation with her imagination.
Often when I swim at the YMCA, I imagine the water to be healing pools, warm water in Hawaii, crystal clear river swimming holes with waterfalls around me.  My imagination takes me away from the box of water in a larger box of a building, into my memories of places I visited, to dreamy healing water sanctuaries that only live in my inner world.

By taking a photo of my card and making a zeros copy of it, I was able to transfer it on the wax.

Carrying me away on the waters of my imagination and transforming this space into a natural watery healing memory that lives deep within my unconscious and more youthful adventurous past.  

 I am the one who dives into the waters of my imagination 
and is able to transform any situation 
with my vivd  imagination.


Gloria Gypsy said...

I am a newer reader to blog and will be sad if you choose to put it to rest! I have just begun to read your posts and really enjoy them.

I have begun to make my own personal SoulCollage deck ( a digital art collage version)and your blog is very inspiring to me!

Caterina Martinico said...

Thank you Gloria. I appreciate your response. I am not putting the blog to rest, I am planning on revising it. With more posts to come focusing using SoulcollageR for healing.