Saturday, January 26, 2013

SoulCollage® Readings- Always Amazing

This past week, I had my Soul Stories, SoulCollage® writing group.  As usual it was filled with unexpected ephiphanies and ahahas..for the four women who participated.  Here follows is a taste of what we did in the group.                                                                We began by each pulling 3-4 cards out of our deck that seemed to express where we were at in the moment or what we wanted to bring into the coming year.  Next we did free writing for each card and shared.  The images always speak so much more strongly than  words.     
I shared  a series of questions about what we wanted to bring into our lives for the new year, or release or focus on. The questions I focused on were: What is it I committed to receiving in 2013?  Where is it I will spend my time? What abundance am I going to bring forth?  and....How will I care for my body?

 Each of us picked questions that spoke to us personally and  pulled a card for each of our questions.  We did free write and the "I am the One Who" prompt, speaking from each card specifically about these issues.  
Once again, we all shared our writings.  Towards the end of group, we picked 2 more cards from our deck, and asked them to clarify one of the issues came up in our writing.

These are the 2 cards that  I picked. Next we had the energy, being or essence of these  cards write a letter to each other, addressing, clarifying and giving more advice to in relation to one of our questions.
I am sharing my writing because it was such a powerful process for me.
The Maker, Embellisher and Devotee of Creativity

Dear Great Spirit of Life,
I am just a humble maker of things of beauty.  I often wonder if my work can be infused with your spirit and speak to peoples lives, and help them on their journey.  I also do so many different creative things, that I worry that I am diffusing your energy and my offerings to the world would be more powerful or of worth if I focused on just one thing.  I am writing to you to get your advice on this deep issue.

My creative endeavors are so many and so varied, like the creatures of the forest.  My work as an art therapist and teacher, is of course prominent, but also the joy of making things and crating a life sustaining business from my art is a big piece of it all.  I have tried to keep all my creative pursuits in alignment with spirit, but I am in a quandry over process vs. process.  Can you offer me any advice or direction in this new year around this issue.
Yours in service,
The Maker, Embellisher and Devotee of Spirit in form.

Creative Life Force/ AKA Great Spirit

Dear  Dear One,
There is no way to squelch the energy of the creative life force manifest in you and in the essence of life on earth.  All is of value. Creative energy all arises from the deep well of the Universe in a myriad of forms.  As far as spirit is concerned, one form is no better than any other, all is part of divine expression.  
Matter grows out of Spirit and spirit expresses, that is what life as all about.

You want me to tell you what to let go of and what to focus on, but that is not my job.  My job, if I allow myself to be boxed in by tasks, is to give energy to creative expression, and I think that is your job as well.

What you might want to consider is to allow yourself to be led in circles and spirals, like you needle work, back into the fabric and cloth of the beauty of your being.  This is not a problem but a gift.  Find a way to honor all your gifts under one umbrella - that of being a Creative Being, with gifts to offer.  I am not the one to ask about editing or distinction.  Can you not bask in the gratitude that this life work of yours is good a true and touches others  and is enough?  Try that for a while.
With  a deep and enduring love,  Yours Great Spirit

So I am going to try that, to accept without the need to change or turn into, or make better, but just be grateful.

So, as we move into 2013 I offer this up to the world, to show how unique and touching this work is.

Now I am off to the Big Island of Hawaii, for a renewing vacation.  Perhaps I will do art there, as I pack my art supplies to take with me and share those another time, in my infrequent blog posts.
Aloha.  Caterina

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