Saturday, November 26, 2011

My New Line of Wearable Fine Art Pendants

I have been making beaded jewelry for years..and usually start way in advance of the holidays making it.  Along with my ethnic inspired earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  I have started to create a line of Fine Art Wearable Pendants, that use my own art as well as images that inspire me.
 I have been having soo much fun, I love making multiples of things. 
 The process is extremely self soothing to me...

and so I have been getting happier and happier 
                                                 making a whole new line of jewelry.
                                                   using  my own art  as well as
                                              vintage images I fall in love with
 this is a reduction of an original encaustic painting of mine..
    As is this a crop of the Buddha in blue, another on of my encaustic mixed media pieces

Aren't this lovely.  I just love seeing the possibilities...
So now that I have made soooo many of these pendants...this isn't even a 1/8 of the amount.  I think I have mad about 80 pendants so far.  I have to do something with them.. Send them off to new homes, to grace the hearts of others.  I have posted some of these on my etsy store

But... I am having an open studio  with all of my jewelry and art along with 2  artist friends of mine...Susan Adler...who does such vibrant paintings, they take my  breath away. And print maker Rob Duncan, whose work is stunning.

When: Sunday Dec. 11th from 11-6
Where: 637 Dexter St.  in Santa Rosa, CA ( the JC neighborhood)
Join for some holiday cheer and support local artists when doing your holiday shopping.


basia said...

They are all lovely.... and presented beautifully. Wish I could go to the opening, but living in MA is holding me back. LOL

Caterina Martinico said...

Hi Basia...I have a few of them posted onto my store on etsy right now. Look there and see if you see any you re interested in...and you can purchase them, or if you see something I posted here, that is not posted there, I will put it on my shop and you can buy it and I will ship it to you.
They are all really lovely and I have almost 60 different pendants....all one of a kind, except I can make duplicates of the ones that are from my own original art.