Monday, May 16, 2011

A wish for us All

Oh please do watch this sweet and short video by Lynn Whipple posted on Lanie Garriety's 14 Secrets for a Happy Artists Life.

14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life: A sweet video from Lynn Whipple

and now go make something,
do it for you, do it for me, create it for the whole wide world. Amen.


Lani Gerity said...

What an amazingly beautiful card you have here! Wow, and thanks for mentioning 14 Secrets.

Caterina Martinico said...

Thank you Lani, I do love this new SoulCollage card. It reminds me of the idea of the Golden Spigot, that connects directly to source, that I just read about, that was mentioned by Erika Cleavlandin the 14 secrets group page,