Monday, March 1, 2010

On-going Journal pages....Show and Tell

I haven't been posting much lately,  because I have been trying to focus on doing my taxes in bits and pieces, as well as just starting a new art therapy journaling  group for teenage girls, so my time and energy has been diverted a bit.

However, I still have been working in my on-going mixed media collage journal.  I love how I can sit for 15 minutes or more and embellish. doodle around an image, add words on glue a border piece or new image on and feel the satisfaction of the process.  So here are some pages that have changed, evolved, reformed or are in the process of being birthed in the journal I am putting energy into these days..

So here is a little show and tell just for the sake of it..

I often Dream of Release.......

As I began this journal, I began to collect quotations that spoke to me in the moment, so many of these mixed media collage pieces incorporate the quotes that fit them.

Trusting, trusting the process, trusting life, trusting the universe, trusting myself, seems to be an important musing that comes up again and again.  

The Geography of the Heart III

I love how this process evolves and becomes more than I ever imagined in the beginning of the process.

                                              "To Be an Artist is to Believe in Life"  Henry Moore
I love this quote by Bertole Brecht....
Unfortunately the colors on these images have not come through very well, maybe if I make the size of the image smaller....

And to end this series is the thought that it is all about ...believing in yourself.  
Believe in Your Self!!!

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