Thursday, December 3, 2009

Still Working on Gratitude

The day after Thanksgiving my Women's Art Medicine Group met and we created gratitude scrolls.  This is what I created.

I added this to my gratitude blessing book which is an ongoing process for me.  I fall out of it and then life situations remind me to remember what I am grateful for and that being in a state of gratefulness is a form of prayer for me.

I have to keep reminding my self that it is my choice to choose happiness over struggle, no matter what circumstances I find myself in.  So, as usual the art making process helps me to
find balance amid lifes varying changes.

Something about this process,  engaging in my own art making and then sharing it with the world,
 is an integral part of the creative process for me.
 I am grateful as well for this venue.

May happiness 
fill in the cracks that form in your life 
as winter time reflections 
bring melancholy.

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