Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mandala ...and the Spiral Process

As I spent time working on this mandala during the week, I reflected on my last post here, where I was a bit discouraged about flitting around from one art project to another and not losing myself deeply into one experience.  I realized ...or rather had a rather large epiphany that like the center of this mandala, I was deeply into the Spiral Process at this point in my life.  When one is in the spiral process, they are engaged in experimentation, moving from experience to experience,  seemingly going around in circles, but actually moving into different levels of awareness.  Change is the constant and is what is needed for growth and healing.   

So in my Friday Medicine Art group this week, I shared this awareness as well as Angeles Arrien's 5 Universal Shapes Experiential, which is explained in depth in her beautiful book The Signs of Life.  Realizing this changed my perspective around how I spend my time these days, and shifted me from judgement to joy. This mandala is still not complete, but its getting closer to the essence of where it wants to be.  I will post it once again when it is truely complete.  

For those who do not know of Angeles Arrien, she is well worth finding out about.  She is a cross cultural anthropologist, Basque Mystic storyteller.  She has written many wonderful books on myth and symbol as well as researching rites of passage and tying them into contemporary life.  She is an inspiration to hear speak and is truly a wise woman teacher.  More information can be found on the link to her website.  


Cyndee Greene said...

Wow Catarina, it was as if your first paragraph was something I wrote. And yes, Angeles, she always gives a new perspective.
I apologize for not following thru w/ contacting you about the Friday group. I had MANY computer issues. But I just can't seem to make any commitments at this time. I really don't know from one minute to the next where I will be. And I'm LOVING it!

Caterina Martinico said...

Cyndee, No problem ....the group is ongoing and I realize you have much on your plate right now. Enjoy the journey and the feast !!!

ArtPropelled said...

I've had this same concern recently .... not being able to lose myself in one piece and too much flitting about. I'm used to losing myself completely in what I'm creating .... a wonderful it's disconcerting that I'm unable to settle.
Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Love your mandalas and the affirmation card post. 10 minute collages are my way of freeing my thoughts at the moment.