Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well I haven't gotten back to the encaustics yet, but I have been slowly cleaning, sorting, rearranging and getting into playing with possibilities.

I have joined an ATC  (Artist Trading Cards ) group to get me moving creatively...even though I have made ACEO's before and sold them on my etsy site...I haven't traded them.  

There is something very freeing about doing art just for the sake of it, without worrying about selling it.
So I decided to post my process.  I
 just am having fun playing with possibilities.   These are still in process by the way.

Speaking of process art, which is what my work as an art therapist is all about, and what primes the pump creatively.  Last week I attended Patricia's Creative Process open group, ( my friend and partner in the Creative Arts  Studio, and fellow art therapist).  

She shows a film of an artist for inspiration....and then participants  do art in response or influenced by what they saw in the film.  She showed a film about Betty La Duke who is one of my favorite,  contemporary woman painters.  This oil pastel drawing is what came through for me that day.  

I was so engaged that I worked on it some more 
when I got back home.   
Later I realized that this piece was all about RELEASE  and opening up to messages from the 
unconscious, as well as embracing the spaciousness that has come with me no longer working everyday working at Santa Rosa J.C. 
I forgot how much I love working in oil pastels and just letting what wants to come through to come through.

So far, I haven't gotten back to the mandala I created at the retreat...but I will soon.  Ahh, so many directions that call me, no wonder, I am so busy even though I am not working in a traditional manner any more.  

Speaking of reorganizing the studio...I am doing this because I hope to build up my private practice once again, fill my womens group and get ready for a two day Encaustic Class I plan to do at the end of next month.  MOre to come...

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Anonymous said...

I can hear the juiciness of your creativity leaking out everywhere! What a wonderful model you are for allowing things to unfold and be born without resistance.

I can't wait to see the new level this will take you to in your creative expression. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!