Saturday, December 6, 2008

Challenging Times

These are times of change and challenge for many of us.  I too, along with so many in the country was taken by surprise this week, when I was laid off, permanently,  from my position of over 28 years, as adjunct faculty teaching at Santa Rosa Junior College.  There is a hole in my heart for the curriculum as well as the  students and program I have taught in for so many many years.    And for the field of Art Therapy. 
Transformation Through Time
Supporting people, with the powerful healing aspects of artmaking, and being able to facilitate creative growth, has been deeply enriching and rewarding for me.  I have been blessed to witness transformation on many levels, over and over, with artmaking as the catalyst.  

I am in mourning, but also filled with hope and possibilites for opportunity.  It is time for me to take my skills on the road and to share in different ways and venues.  Fear definitely rears its head, but along with it is transformation and surrender.  

Things I am grateful for:
  1. The opportunity to witness so many people grow, change and transform through art
  2. The beautiful, tragic, and inspiring individuals I have met, taught and befriended.
  3. The community and staff I have worked with through Disability Resources Dept.
  4. My creativity, strength and resourcefulness.
  6. The stories of so many individuals
  7. The opportunity to grow, change and develop professionally with like minded individuals.
  8. Many many mentors and friends.
  9. My family, husband, son  and cohorts.
  10. The synchronicity of the universe.
  11. My dog chelsea.
  12. Vision and creative impulses.
  13. Living and living in beautiful northern California.
  14. Beeswax!!! and the bees.
  15. The sanctuary of mandalas.
  16. Time for artmaking!!!!!!  And Visioning...and dreaming!
  17. And on and on and on into the future.


marianne said...

Hi Caterina,

I´m so sorry for you!
These are uncertain times for a lot of us, but being laid off is a harsh reality.......
Especially when you still love your job so much.
But who knows what the future brings..... stay positive and I hope you find something even better.
Greetings >M<

Caterina Martinico said...

Marianne, Thanks so much for the empathy. I am grateful to be shifting my perspective and am begining to be very excited about the possibilities in this change. The universe is unfolding and opening doors as well as closing some. Blessing. Caterina.

Caterina Martinico said...
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Anonymous said...

Your work has touched me deeply - and planted seeds that continue to incubate in the soil of my psyche.

I had given up doing art for awhile - and upon stumbling onto your work - I went back to my mandala practice in October.

YOU inspired me to do that! And because of that I shifted in ways I didn't think possible and am through to the other side now.

Blessings on all that you give.

Caterina Martinico said...

I am heartened to hear that my postings on this blog has touched and inspired you. I often wonder if it reachs people and it does. Now that I will have more time, I will be able to post more as well as do more art. Warmly, Caterina