Sunday, March 16, 2008

Inner Child Dreaming - Encaustic painting

This encaustic is really an expression of my own inner child ...with memories of looking out the window at all the kids playing down below our third floor apartment window in Chicago, and me dreaming of being down their playing with everyone.  I find this one so very evocative of the magical inner child.


Leah Whitehorse said...

Oh this picture is really lovely. It's very atmospheric and really captures that sense of memories from childhood. I'm glad I discovered your blog!

caterina said...

Thank you Leah....I love this particular mandala. It has alot of significance to me. I don't update my blog that frequently, I would rather be outside enjoying the wonderful spring...than at the computer...but I do try to keep posting stuff when inspired through my art making..or. life .Caterina

caterina said...
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