Mandala Workshops

Upcoming Illuminated Mandala  Workshops
with artist Caterina Martinico

Summer Solstice Mandala Day
 Attuning to Elemental   Energies
 Earth, Water, Fire and Air           

 With Caterina Martinico ATR BC

Sun. June 22, 2014
From 9:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Sun. June 22rd , 2014,   9:30 - 4:30
At  Caterina's Studio in
Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa.

707 537-5892

For millennia people have honored the turn of the seasons, by coming together in community through ritual and art.  Connecting with the energy of the four elements, allows us to synchronize our bodies, minds and spirits with the wisdom of the natural world. The meditative art practice of mandala making, is a spiritual tool that can be used to create images of intention that will support and enhance spiritual growth and direction.

Using  guided imagery and meditation we will find the  inspiration to create mandalas honoring the four elements.   Working from white to color with prismacolor pencils in a meditative way, based on the work of Judith Cornell, we will create luminous mandalas that honor our inner responses to the basic energies of life, and helps to set intentions for the coming season, while creating a beautiful rainbow jewel mandala.     No art experience is necessary. 



Exchange: $85 

No art experience necessary! 

Sunday, June 22, 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Registration Required 
or call for more information: 707 537-5892 

Caterina Martinico MA, ATR-BC is an artist, art therapist, teacher and creativity coach. She has taught creative process at Santa Rosa Junior College and through  SSU's Art Therapy Program. Caterina  is a SoulCollage®  facilitator and Illuminated Mandala Facilitator. She leads  art for healing groups at her studio in Santa Rosa CA, and is a passionate lover of all things artful and of helping others find joy in the process of self expression.



Circling Through the Seasons
Caterina Martinico is a certified Mandala Facilitators, in the drawing process developed by the late Judith Cornell, she has shared this for over 20 years and offered many workshops experiences in this  healing art process .

Creating mandalas is an ancient art process helps us to find our center and create balance in our lives. This meditative art process provides an  opportunity to open to the moment and create personal sanctuary through art making amidst the hectic pace of life, shifting our perspective and allowing transformation to occur. 

Providing half- and full-day workshops exploring the mandala process, using white  Prismacolor pencils on black paper, we allow images to emerge out of the procreative darkness in our introductory half day workshops. In the full day Mandala Process workshops we incorporate color into our mandalas. No art experience is necessary to participate in these  meditative art classes.

Call or email for more information: 
707 537-5892 /

may be arranged by private contract for larger groups in other locations. If you are interested in hosting a class or workshop at your church, home, or other location, 
your tuition is free if you bring together a group of eight people at your location.